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 Bike Games Army Rider

In this game you have to ride a bike and to get inside a race. To move the bike you have to use the arrow keys. They will ...>
 Bike Games Box10 Bmx

Press and hold the specified key while you are in the air to perform certain stunts. Be sure ti release the key to finish ...>
 Bike Games Sonic Motobike

Help Sonit get on the road to collect the circles and be sure that he has a smooth road without any problems. If something ...>

 Online Bike Games Dirt Bike

The aim of the game is to complete all the levels in the shortest time possible without falling of your bike. At the end of ...>
 Online Bike Games Dirt Bike 2 Game

Use the arrow keys to ride over all the obstacles in a level, in the fastest time, without crashing the obstacles. If you ...>
 Online Bike Games Top Trial Bike

In this game you have to use the arrow keys to drive the bike. Use the up arrow key to accelerate, put break with the down ...>

 Truck Games Battle Gear 2

Use the left and right arrow keys to scroll the game. You can also use the mouse by moving the cursor to the edge of the ...>
 Truck Games Battle Gear

Enter this amazing strategy game and practice your warrior skills first. You have the job of protecting your troops and your ...>
 Truck Games Santa Truck

Santa has to prepare for departing on his annual trip around the world. He has received a lot of letters this year and was ...>

 Tank Games Metal Slug Rampage 4

Drive the tank and do your job. You have to try to focus as much as possible and everything will be alright in the end. ...>
 Tank Games Big - Battle Tanks

Fire over the enemy tanks and destroy them. But at the same time, try to defend yourself and use all the shields that you ...>
 Tank Games Massive War

This is a strategy game in which you can use troops and tanks to fight against all your enemies. Try to think about the best ...>

 Boat Games Cursed Winds

You are the commander of a pirate ship. You can move it and rotate it using the arrow keys. To fire the cannons, press the ...>
 Boat Games Youda Marina

Drive the boats that come into the marina and doc them to be able to make some money. Try to be as nice as possible with the ...>
 Boat Games Black Sails

After choosing your allegiance you have to embark on conquering a new world in a new age. You must capture all the town on ...>

 Parking Games The Parking Lot

Drive the car and try to park it where it belongs. You will see some arrows in the game and you will have to follow them to ...>
 Parking Games Parking Lot 2

You have a certain time in which you have to drive the car in the parking lot and park it in the indicated location. You ...>
 Parking Games Parking Space

Park your car as accurately as possible into the marked space without hitting obstacles and other cars. Try to do this ...>

 Train Games Paper Train

Control the railway traffic without crashing any trains. You can start and stop the trains as the control square spots by ...>
 Train Games Rail of War

In this game you will have to destroy the enemy that is taking control of your precious land. You will have at your disposal ...>
 Train Games Build The Bridge

Drag and drop objects to create a clear path for the train to travel across safely. Use the mouse to scroll left or right ...>

 Helicopter Games Fly Hard

Your goal in this game is to fly the helicopter as fast as you can and to collect all the valuable objects in the sky, like ...>
 Helicopter Games Weapon

Drive the helicopter and try to defend it while you shoot at your enemies. Try to earn points to be able to buy yourself ...>
 Helicopter Games Air Transporter

In this game you can choose from controlling the helicopter with the mouse or with the keyboard. On the keyboard, you will ...>

 Plane Games Air Traffic Chief

Your mission is to land the aircraft without any incidents. Planes can be landed on either runway. Click and hold the left ...>
 Plane Games Airfield Mayhem

Drag the aircraft onto the same colored runaway or landing pad. The flight path is shown by a line. As you land the plane, ...>
 Plane Games TU-95

Try to fly the plane as good as you possibly can. Take of, land and control the flaps while you are in the air. Practice as ...>

 Aircraft Games Skies of War - Extended

It is 28 years after the iron war. The enemy still claims our land and out cities. We have planned a new strategy to defeat ...>
 Aircraft Games Black Navy War 2

This is a war battle simulation game in which you can choose from many types of battles. Each type of battle is more ...>
 Aircraft Games Skies of War

Fly the aircraft and control it as good as you can. Lead your troops into battle and show them what to do in order to win ...>

 Drifting Games Winter Drift Game

There is a drifting competition that you want to win. Raise money to buy a new professional drifting car and then compete in ...>
 Drifting Games King of Drift

Are you ready to get into a drifting competition. You have a great car at your disposal which can help you to win the race. ...>
 Drifting Games Drift

Choose to play by yourself or challenge up to 14 of your friends. In the game you have a couple of car upgrades. You can ...>

 Taxi Games Bombay Taxi

Frustrated and tired after a hard day at work, you are now confronting with another problem: parking. You have to search for ...>
 Taxi Games Bombay Taxi 2

In this game you will have to help the taxi driver to find a parking space. He is really tired after a full day at work and ...>
 Taxi Games Sim Taxi Bubble City

In this game you have to drive the taxi through the city and carry clients. Take each passenger and take him wherever he ...>

 Bus Games Megabus - Mega Ride

Play an interesting game in which you will compete against the computer in a race of bus driving. You know that you are a ...>
 Bus Games Short Bus Rampage

Run over all the students ad get to the end zone before the cops get you. The more kids you run over with the bus, the ...>
 Bus Games School Bus Driver

In this game you will have to reach the target without hitting any obstacles on the way and keep proceeding to the next ...>

 Car Games I Love Traffic

You are responsible of the good traffic in the city. You have to click on the traffic lights to set them on and off. Try not ...>
 Car Games Koenigsegg CCR

You can customize the car in this game in the way that you like it the most. Use all the options that you have at your ...>
 Car Games Car Show Girl Dress Up

Dress the pretty young girl in the most appropriate way for the car show. She need to be sexy but also comfortable. You have ...>

 Driving Games Motocross Outlaw

Drive the bike and complete all the tasks in each level to win. Perform stunts to get more points and fill the nitro bar. ...>
 Driving Games Potty Racers II

Drive your potty as far as possible. Update it as often as you can. The game is easy to play and really fun....>
 Driving Games Coaster Racer

You have to drive your car in this race and get to the finish line in the first place. You are a good driver and you know ...>

 Racing Games Neon Race

Complete the levels in the game in the fastest possible time. You have to smash into the red vehicles and avoid hitting the ...>
 Racing Games Drag Racer v3

Buy a car, tweak your setup, and head for the track. Drag against other contenders. See how far you can go! ...>
 Racing Games Potty Racers

In this game you have to balance your porta potty with the left and right arrow keys. You can also perform tricks by ...>

 Buggy Games Buggy Craze

Choose your buggy and start an exciting race. Go over a bumpy road and over many obstacles and be careful not to fell over. ...>
 Buggy Games Moon Buggy

You are a buggy driver and also an astronaut. Today you will have to drive the vehicle on the Moon surface. Try to control ...>
 Buggy Games Buggy Run 2

You are the saboteur on the buggy. Plant the bomb and run away as fast as you can. Reach the flag before the bomb detonates ...>

 Ambulance Games Ambulance Rush

Select one of the three types of ambulances that you have at your disposal in this game. Use the arrow keys to drive it and ...>
 Ambulance Games Crazy Ambulance

You work as a driver on an ambulance. Your job is to take the sick people to the hospital where the doctors can take care of ...>
 Ambulance Games Red Cross Rush

The red cross ambulance has to get to the hospital as soon as possible and you have to drive it there. Hit the acceleration ...>

 F 1 Games Formula 1 Champion

You are the present champion of the F1 competition. Today you have a really important race. You will have to defend your ...>
 F 1 Games Ultimate Formula Racing

Take control of the Manor Motorsport Formula 3 car and test your driving skills around our woodland short course. Use the ...>
 F 1 Games F1 Pitstop Challenge

Even the fastest F1 car is helpless without an efficient pit crew. Take on the role as a Pit Crew Manager and make sure that ...>

 Monster Truck Games Monster Truck Curfew

You have to drive your vehicle home before midnight. Avoid hitting the pedestrians and crashing police cars on the ...>
 Monster Truck Games Monster Truck Destroyer

Use the arrow keys to control and drive the monster truck in this next incredible game. Drive on a bumpy road, full with ...>
 Monster Truck Games Camioane Xtrm

Get behind the wheel of this incredible powerful monster truck and get through the nine levels of the game. Use the arrow ...>

 Spaceship Games Xeno Tactic 2

Click on one tower to select it and information about that tower will appear next to it. Once you have selected a tower, ...>
 Spaceship Games Mini Scientist

Click the key that is in front of the science man and open the door. Find a rocket engine and get to the space. You will ...>
 Spaceship Games Galaxy Invaders

Move the mouse to the left or to the right to move the space ship. To fire laser guns, press the left button of the mouse. ...>

 ATV Games ATV Blitz

This is a FMX competition so you have to jump as high as possible and to do stunts. Use the arrow keys to control the ATV. ...>
 ATV Games ATV Stunt

Jump on possibly the fastest quad bike on Earth and pull off some awesome daredevil stunts in this fun biking game. Use the ...>
 ATV Games Mountain ATV

Get on your ATV and start an incredible adventure on this mountain road. Try to control the vehicle as good as possible so ...>

 Rally Games Desert Rally

At the beginning of the game you have some cars in front of you. You have to choose one of those cars and get into the rally ...>
 Rally Games Extreme Rally 2

Choose your car and then enter in one of the most incredible rally competitions. Defeat your opponent and impress the ...>
 Rally Games Knugg Rally

Use the up arrow keys to accelerate and the down arrow key to hit the brake. Use the left and right arrow keys to steer and ...>

 Kart Games Monkey Kart

Jimmy Bananas needs to reach the finish in a spectacular race. There are 8 different racers and 5 unique worlds! Use the ...>
 Kart Games Minicarting

Enter the first available level of the competition and start the game. There are 10 levels in the game and you have to try ...>
 Kart Games Kore Kart

Drive the kart machine as fast as you can. Try not to hit it with the obstacles and also try to avoid going into the wall ...>

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Top Bike Games
Name Times Played
1. Mr. Bean Car Parking credits
2. Army Rider credits
3. Weapon credits
4. Pizza Delivery Game credits
5. Black Navy War 2 credits
6. Motorbike Mania credits
7. Bike Wheeling credits
8. Obama Rider credits
9. TU-95 credits
10. Bikes - Spot the Difference credits
11. School Bus License credits
12. Year 2012 credits
13. Phineas and Ferb credits
14. Highway Hunter credits
15. Cube Me - I Am A Transformer credits

Online Bike Games 18 Wheeler 3
18 Wheeler 3 In this game you have to use the arrow keys to control the truck. Use the keys 1, 2 and 3 to change the speed. Press Q to change the game quality and S to switch the sound off.
Saturday, 20 Septembrie 2014
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